Welcome to the Fire Island Minyan!

Welcome to Fire Island's Modern Orthodox Synagogue! We hold Shabbat services throughout the summer season, from when it gets warm out (in May) until it gets cold out (around Sept-Oct) as well as Holiday services for Shavuot, Rosh Hashana, and Sukkot. You can expect a Minyan from Memorial Day through Labor Day (and usually until Columbus Day). It's looking to be another beautiful weekend on Fire Island, so come join us!

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Weekly Bulletin

Shabbat July 20-21:
  • Friday night Mincha/Arbit:  7:55PM
  • Friday night candle lighting:  8:01PM
  • Saturday Shacharit:  9:45AM
  • Saturday evening Mincha:  6:30PM
  • *Eat Seudah Mafseket at home*
  • Shabbat ends:  9:06PM
  • The fast for Tisha B’Av starts immediately when Shabbat ends
  • Arbit at the shul at 9:15PM
  • Eicha on the beach (H [“Homesite”] Street) will take place at 9:30PM.
  • Sunday morning Shacharit:  9:00AM